Thursday, April 24, 2008

04.24.2008 And so it goes

Oh asks me where i want to go to dinner, anyplace i want to go to dinner.
So i say How about buckhorn and Oh says no don't like that place. Oh says anyplace you wanna go.
how bout paesanos?
Oh says no, had dinner there last night and the portions are too small. nope. anyplace you want.
how about tower?
Oh says, no, i had brunch there.
and so it goes, he picks where he wants to go and we go.

So, Oh asks me where i want to go to when we go to Europe....
do i have to repeat what i just wrote above?
ok, it's fun
So Oh asks me where i want to go to when we go to Europe.
I say ok, London, Paris, Italy, Spain.
Wait for it......
Oh says No way to Paris, i hate the place it's not nice and i hate the people. No paris.
Oh says are you set on London? cause it's so so expensive and i don't want to fly through Heathrow
Oh says, no really interesting place, it didn't impress me.
Spain is really great but it's way out in the middle of no where and hard to get to and far away from eveything but it's a hawt place.

and so it goes of course, we will end up going to places he wants to go.
visiting friends of his in Amsterdam and staying in Amsterdamn/netherlands the whole time.
He loves gay bars so we will end up visiting his regular gay bar hangouts in Amsterdamn.

I'm going to europe and i'll probably only see gay bars.
i knew this was going to happen so i can't beat myself up over it.

Hot looking guy in a wifebeater

Sunday, April 20, 2008

04.20.2008 Monks and Europe

Nothing comes into my house unless something goes out.
It's a new rule and i'll see how long i follow.
If i buy a new shirt, an old one gets donated away.
A New magazine, one gets thrown away.
New towels, old ones are gone.
You get the idea.
I'm trying to get rid of all the clutter i have in the house right now.
I"m going from room to room and throwning out junk that i've packratted.
in the end, i will have the bare minimum in the house, only what is necessary and
try to keep it that way.
A Monks House.

we'll see?

Countdown to the Europe trip.
Not sure where we are going or what we are doing.
I just know that we are going to Amsterdam.
Oh wants to go to Spain/Stiges and i kind of wanted to do the Eastern European countries.
Prague, Munich, Vienna, etc.
he wants to avoid England, France and i think italy.
Well, anyway, it's Europe and i've never been.

You look awful pretty in that cowboy hat

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

04.02.2008 Are We There Yet?

Are we really going to go to europe in May?

rumor is that we are going to London, Amsterdam, Prague, Munich, maybe Vienna maybe Italy maybe France Maybe Spain.
Well, it's all "Maybe"

I have to ask for three weeks off from work so i'll do that tomorrow to get this "Maybe" a go.

I still wonder about the cat.
I still wonder about the lawn.

I'd rather not go but that's my fear of the unknown speaking.
If i had my choice, i'd rather go to NYC and spend a week there. to me that sounds like fun but Europe? that's scary so maybe that's why i should go.

Wednesday Jeff O looks good in a RedHat