Wednesday, July 30, 2008

07.30.2008 Goodbye to Minimal

Yeah! today is payday.
My favorite time of the month.
We find out tomorrow if the Gov is going to start paying us minimum wage. the bastid.
i can feel the weather starting to warm up but luckily it's still in the lower 90's. the AC is on and off.

I wanted to go jogging.
I didn't go jogging.
Went food shopping with Oh at Costco today.
i was so happy this weekend, i would look at the kitchen and say "it's so clean and minimal"
well that ended today.
Oh bought a load of junk and now it's all over everything in the kitchen. I miss living alone.
he left to go do coffee today and leave me to a workout but by the time he left, the urge to workout had left so i just watched Venture Bros. and i'm now here.
I'm still wondering why i'm going out on a date with R__. He's really not my type at all but i guess you have to put yourself out there and be a little social.
Tomorrow, i have to figure out what i'm going to wear to the date. I'm thinking casual so maybe a nice shirt wiht some nice jeans or maybe some cords.
I'll figure it out but it has to be very casual and that means no tanks or tshirts.
have to remember the "do not be negative" stuff that i have to remember.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

07.29.2008 I wanna jog today

I wanted to go jogging.
I didn't go jogging.
I did a so so shoulder workout.
I think i'm now doing more of a workout on the shoulders at the gym now.
since Oh moved in, my tuesday shoulder workout is now extinct, well until he has dates like today.
he said he's going to move back to alabama in winter cause summer in alabama is atroctious.
I really want to jog today but now it's too late.
maybe tomorrow.

R-- keeps calling at my bedtime. I kind of know he's going to call but i turn off my ringer to the cell so i don't have to answer at my bedtime. i needs my sleep. I'm not really sure i'm all that interested in him. He isn't my type at all. he's very white looking. he's balding which is hot on some guys if they buzz it really close which from his profile, i think he does but i think he's on the short size. i'm not into short guys. i may like his personality but the republican thing kind of bothers me. he called me again last night and left a message to call him back. left his phone number too. i already have it on my cell phone. it's now 7.15pm so i would guess he's out of work so i should call him . Oh is out on a date so i would have my privacy. which is good.

Friday, July 4, 2008

07.04.2008 Happy 4th

Bozo the Clown died today.
Jesse Helms died today.

Going to Baz bbq later today. I'm cooking the world famous chili for the pot luck. Hopefully, they will eat it all because i already did my pigout ona chocolate cake.

Gym was a good chest workout. Very cutie tall slim kid in a wifebeater was working chest and he was handsome. Not much else worth noting.
Tomorrow is bicep and
maybe sunday is shoulder and
maybe monday is back
I need to do a lot more cardio to get rid of the tummy.

Oh is out of town, in LA and again, i'm envious that i didn't get to go but he didn't seem like he really wanted me to go along so i got the hint and i really didn't want to go through the same thing that happened in Amsterdam where he said "dammit, i have to stay out cause you don't want to go anyplace by yourself" damn that hurt my feelings so i'm more aware and decided i don't want to go where i'm not wanted. Still nice to have the house to myself for the weekend and next week cause he's in SJ.

Nice that Baz invited me even though i don't see him much. hopefully there will be cuties for me to meet but most likely all not my type.

Was sort of destructive so i buzzed all my hair off again. I have the mental patient/ insane asylum inmate look so i'll have to wear a baseball hat.

downloaded a load of Depeche Mode music for the July commute playlist ipod