Sunday, June 28, 2009

06.28.2009 Ouchie Gone & Random thoughts

Takes five days of hell before the ouchie goes away.

On to other good news.
well not so good since it's hella hot today. Over 100 and it's too hot, it's ten pm and it's still hot outside.

I screwed up my hair today.
decided i wanted to shave it up to the ear point and it didn't work out as i thought it would and now i think i shaved it too short since my skull skin is kind of raw and sensitive. It's also too damn white, i wish it would tan nicely like a good mexican can tan but for some reason it doesn't want to tan.

nice lunch today that john came to.
too damn hot to do anything but wash the cars.
went to beer bust and that was not interesting, i did see the really cute guy who has the puzzle piece tattoo on his leg. At first i only recognized him from Badlands, then the puzzle piece fell into place and i went "OH YEAH" he's the cute guy from the gym.

I liked transformers II for what it was, a big big action summer movie. wasn't shakespear, wasn't high minded, it was a big action movie with a bunch of explosions, with a cutie latino, and a lot of big robots that blew things up. Fun times. I got my money's worth.

Damn, it's still hot and it's 10.39pm
no work tomorrow

Friday, June 26, 2009

06.26.2009 Ouchie

Day 3 (or is it day 4?) but it's still ouch.
really OUCH!
i'm popping advil like jellybeans.
i have to look back and see when it's going to end.