Saturday, May 29, 2010

05.29.2010 Memorial Day Weekend

Not sure what happened last year but i have a feeling it's similar to this year.
First plan is Oh says we are going to SF to some museum.
First revised plan is spend the weekend with John and go to some museum.
Second revised plan is to housesit in bayarea and go to some museum with John.
Third revised plan is to have me find my own way to SF and find something to do while he goes out probably with John.
I say no.
Oh of course is relieved i'm not going. that's probably was the whole plan. put up a load of barriers and make it difficult for me to want to go.
OH is now going with John to SF as probably planned. they are going to spend the Memorial Day weekend. i have to see what happend last year. i have a feeling it's similar to this year.