Sunday, December 26, 2010

12.26.2010 Day After Christmas

What a horrendous XMAS.
Premeditated. Oh invited Assholex to John's Xmas brunch.
Oh KNOWS i HATE Assholex so he didn't tell me that Assholex was going to be there.
The minute i saw him, it ruined my whole day and it was an early day.
As the day went on, i learned so much.
The night before, Oh gathered a group of his friends to go out for the night and of course, purposely excluded me.
Then the funny thing that happpen was that Johan and I gave Oh the exact same gift so Oh looks at John's gift and says "Robert and return his gift and i'll keep John's"
Wow, that says a lot.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

08.28.2010 Another Day

When i woke up today, i decided to tell Oh that i didn't want him to move out until he was ready and had the money to move out....

Well, that didn't work out. He's been ignoring me and avoiding me.

What to do...What to do...

Friday, August 27, 2010

08.27.2010 Goodbye

Oh came in the room a half hour ago and said "i'm going to be moving out in November".
I said "Ok"

and that was that.

i'm conflicted, i feel like saying something, like he doesn't have to move out but i really don't want to. I really think it's for the best that he is going to be finally moving out.

He was unhappy that i removed him from the mac computer list that is able to access the wireless.

He's just been way too too mean and mad lately. I think he's on unemployment and maybe low in money and he's upset and taking it out on me. that's not nice and i really am not happy that i have to live with someone who treats me in such a mean way.

8.27.2010 Monday in the City

Nice saturday night in SF with Oh. John isn't around so for some reason Oh's been being nice to me and i know it's because John isn't around.

Well it didn't last long, Monday we had lunch. I bought Oh Lunch and we sat down to eat lunch and Oh turned his back on me and started ignorning me while he flirted with this guy from sweden/norway/?somewhere. Oh hardly touched his meal and i paid for that thing and he turns his back on me? that's not nice. that's mean.

It's been all down hill from that day.

Yesterday, i came home and he is in a foul mood and gives me a reprimand and orders me to "in the future, if there is chicken on the counter, you are supposed to bbq", well that didn't go over very well with me. He left so i could WO at home and says to call if i wanted to go for a bike ride. So i BBQed the meat and then called him and we went for a bike ride. it was nice, not hot weather.

We came home and then he decided to get some yogurt so in the car, he starts being mean again, he made fun of me. He made fun of the fact that his other friends wouldn't get mad if he ignored them and that upset me so i decided the night was over. He turned around and went back home when i said i didn't want any yogurt and he left me at home. I'm glad cause i'm sick of him being mean and angry at me.

Today, i didn't say morning to him. I basically ignored him and he left by saying "Im off"

Bye Bye OH. don't bother coming back. If you are going to be mean to me and take your frustrations out on me then bybye.

I think he's getting upset because his unemployment checks aren't as high as he wanted. he's low on cash. his friends are mad at him. and he takes it out on me.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

07.24.2010 Saturday

I'm going to make an appointment with the dentist on Monday.

Oh is out of town. said he is visiting a sick friend. Odd but he has more friends who are sick or dying and i think he's starting to make up names. As the saying goes, you can only bury your mother once.

I am dreading August because that's when i'm going to ask Oh about Spain and the money he owes me. Not right. not right at all that he can find the money to go to Spain and not have the money to pay me back.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

05.29.2010 Memorial Day Weekend

Not sure what happened last year but i have a feeling it's similar to this year.
First plan is Oh says we are going to SF to some museum.
First revised plan is spend the weekend with John and go to some museum.
Second revised plan is to housesit in bayarea and go to some museum with John.
Third revised plan is to have me find my own way to SF and find something to do while he goes out probably with John.
I say no.
Oh of course is relieved i'm not going. that's probably was the whole plan. put up a load of barriers and make it difficult for me to want to go.
OH is now going with John to SF as probably planned. they are going to spend the Memorial Day weekend. i have to see what happend last year. i have a feeling it's similar to this year.

Friday, April 30, 2010

04.30.2010 It's Dark at Night

Everything is going wrong.
i don't know if i can eat. the teeth again.
Oh should move out because he's never around and he's doing that thing he does so well.
where he turns things around and he becomes some victim.
He is so good at that.
he asked why i don't go to badlands with him anymore and i said because he did something that pissed me off so i decided i wasn't going to go anymore. he says "OK, now i'm ticked off" and he stopped talking to me. he left and hasn't come back so i think i gave him what he wanted. He wanted to go out tonight without asking me and yes, he can with no problems because he's "The Victim"
then i realized, yeh, the teeth.
i guess if things are as bad as i know they are, i'm going to have to go to the dentist.
i hate/scared of dentist and it's going to be expensive.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

04.29.2010 Ships

We pass each other in the hallways.
He uses the house to sleep, take a shower, make a mess in the kitchen and then he runs out of the house the minute i get home. And he wonders if i'm mad at him. Nope. he's never around so he shouldn't even be here. i'd prefer it.
He puts his friends before all else. He doesn't see me as a friend so i am wondering why am i letting him live here?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

04.24.2010 Spring Fever

It's April 2010 and it starts all over again. It's like spring fever with Oh.
He starts skipping out and avoiding me.

The trinity of his life is Gym and Cheesecake Factory and Badlands.

He's in SF with John this weekend and before he left i told him he starts acting this way every year

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

03.23.2010 Damn Civic Duty

dammit, i'm on a jury.
I tried to get out of it.
but they decided i was a nice guy and wanted me on their team.

Monday, February 15, 2010

02.15.2010 Happy Happy

Oh yeh.
today's my birthday.
i keep forgetting that since i didn't do a thing today. i've been watching the Supernatural Marathon all day. I did some laundry. I've been avoiding the gym and have been pretty successfuly so far.
oh yeh.
today's my birthday