Sunday, April 26, 2009

04.26.2009 Getting There

It's getting there.

I'm remembering what it's like to live by myself and getting used to it.
I'll do things by myself and get used to it.
I't not that difficult to remember since it's been this way for a while lately.

Hot Latino Cowboy

Monday, April 13, 2009

04.13.2009 Monday Update

The update is that Oh is having a date with "Matt" either today at 7pm or Thursday.

I knew John was speaking shorthand and quietly behind my back on Sunday's Beer Bust at Badlands about Oh's plans. That's not nice.

04.13.2009 Happy Easter Monday

Day off! YEAH.
Furlough Day. BOO.
Day off! YEAH!

Sunday Beerbust wasn't all that bad just wasn't all that great but a few amusing moments and i came away with a smile on my face.
Oh did pick me up which was unexpected.
I wore that red shirt that didn't make me look all fat but was nice and fit sized and short sleeved so my arms kind of bulged out of them which made me happy but i was iffy and unsure if my looked kind of tubby fat but i went with it anyway.
Cute twinkie boy commented that he liked my arms and he liked my arms definition. he was envious of my arms which put a nice smile on my face. Cute Twinkie boy has great traps and looks amazing in a black square-cut tank top.

this cute young asian girl desperately wanted me to dance with her, i was on the verge of being annoyed but she was funny and kind of drunk.

Oh goes to John "I want you to workout with me again. I need you" i'm the old friend who is no longer shiny. easily forgotten.

Oh and John have these secrets that they share with me. A short-hand way of saying things that they want to keep me out of the loop. I noticed it twice. Once when they talked about Monday doing something together on Monday and once when they talked about tuesday. This definitely does not make me happy at all. John is Oh's best friend and he wants little to do with me so i wonder why should i extend my friendship by letting him live in my house. Rent free. for over a year?

Monday Latinos

Sunday, April 12, 2009

04.12.2009 Happy Easter

Happy Easter
Woke up.
Went to the gym (bicep day) (the really hot looking latino guy who walks like a baseball player or a gorilla not sure which but very Full Shoulder Chesty walk and his leg kind of oddly whips around. Very hot looking, dark skinned, dark hair, ugly muscle tat that obsures his awesome arms but still he has awesome arms, shoulders and very sexy legs, i'm going to have to look at the butt since i'm not usually noticing the butt)
Nice bicep day, my arms are still sore.
went to brunch with Oh and John and felt really apart from them, kind of left out of the conversation and distanced and i noticed i let it be known and kind of did and kind of didn't want it known but it happened.
came home and jogged for the first time this year. It was a good start, my legs were kind of sore at the start but eventually i got used to it but it was mainly a long walk and some minor jogging in between. Hot looking shirtless hairy chested Super HOT HUNKY LEGS was jogging with his girlfriend and their adorable rats (chiuhichis (sic))
came home, showed, watched tv.
Now internet.
later i guess i'll have an awful time at beerbust at badlands.
Oh went to the gym so i'm going to guess, he's going to give John a ride and them with me, he will say, "You can drive yourself" which will piss me off since he will give john a ride and not me. asshole.
we will see how this goes tonight.

I need to get in this habit of jogging.
HOt Cowboys kissing and they are latino, perfect

Saturday, April 11, 2009

04.11.2009 2nd Saturday are Shits

That was close.
Oh called sand wanted me to go to Second Saturday downtown and i said no way, i don't drive down there since i can never find any parking and i'm not driving around and around.
He said this and i said that and the phone call ended me being pissed off and just hanging up.
Basically, i was pissed off that he didn't offer to come pick me up to go to Second Saturday.
Man was i pissed off.
Without hesitation, I always give Oh a ride here and there.
Without hesitation, I always let him use my car when his car is junked out and he wants to save gas.
It was last year, right after his car was repo'ed, i drove him to a Second Saturday and didn't go.
It was last year, right after his car was repo'ed, i drove him around when he didn't have transportation.
Man was i pissed off, that he didn't offer to come give me a ride.
I was all set to kick him out of here.
My mind was starting to go places that are funny but are definitely not nice.
then Oh came home and offered to give me a ride and wanted me to go.
I didn't want to go mainly because of last week when he said "Man, i feel like i'm in prison" but i thanked him for coming and offering me a ride. that was nice.

i'm such a doormat.

04.11.2009 Hide and Go Run

It happened again. it's an old story.
Oh hid in his room this morning and waited until i left to Home Depot, then he ran as fast as he could and went to John.
i'm thinking, they wanted to get an early start to SF.
He didn't want to bother asking me to go with him so he hid and then ran.

Hot Shoulders

Sunday, April 5, 2009

04.05.2009 Nothing Happened

I was waiting for something to happen and nothing did.
Is that good or bad?
I keep waiting for others but i have to stop relying on others.
Think about it.
There has to be a change.
Something different.
Something i have to do instead of waiting for it to happen.
I've had opportunities and i let them pass.
Think about it
Do it instead of waiting.

04.05.2009 The Shut Out

So it goes.
Oh is mad at me and he's going to shut me out.
He spent the whole day in his bedroom. Locked and and didn't come out once.

Then around 2pm, he comes out, gets something to eat, says a few words to me and then takes a shower and leaves.

This is a reminder of when he first met John and he was using the house as a pit stop. I almost asked him to out and in with John the last time because i wasn't going to let him use my house as a pit stop and i didn't like being ignored and treated like a nobody. Less than a friend.

I'm going to see how this goes.

If he plans on shutting me out. Giving me the cold shoulder then i'll have to have The TALK.

Oh is living in my house because he's my friend and he needs someplace to stay.
Living in my house is for family and friends.
If Oh doesn't think of me as a friend then i don't think it's right that he should stay at my house.
I don't think it's right that i should have someone living in my house who clearly doesn't like me.

I'll have to work on THE TALK.

Fur, Abs, Hot Bod in a cowboy hat

Saturday, April 4, 2009

04.04.2009 Don't Look Back

I have a pimple in the middle of my forehead.
I had a nice arm workout, i have to start writting down my routine so i know what i did and then top it.
Damn cute, italian stud at the gym today. handsome cute. damn.

Yard work complete.

last night, Oh, John and me walked around downtown. We used my car since Oh said his brake lights are broken. I'm not believing but i'm ok with using my car.
Last Night, Oh asked Alex if i wanted to go to SF tomorrow and spend the day with him and John. Unfortuately, my name is not Alex. I said no cause i was pissed off and because i had yard work. He can use his own damn car.

of course, the night hit the fan.

Oh is pissed off at me cause i brought up the fact that on january 27 2008, he said Joey was a barebacker and had aids. I said this in front of John and he was pissed off. I had to look back on the blog to remember when it happened but yep. Januray 27 2008.

I've known Oh for over 10 years and Oh still can't remember my name. He keeps calling me Alex. it is no longer funny infact it never was funny. it's not happening on purpose, he just keeps calling me Alex.

I did yard work, Oh spent all his time in "his" room and didn't come out once while i was doing yard work.
I cleaned the kitchen. spotless. Oh didn't come out once while i was cleaning the kitchen. spotless.

I'm kind of sure he went to SF with John when i went to costco.
I kind of figured that was going to happen. His car of course had no problems, he just said that cause he wanted to use my car to drive him and john to SF.
it's typical Oh behavior.

Why does he continue to live here when he knows he's not wanted here?
oh yeh.
Free room and board.

Hopefully, he'll move out this summer. move in with John.
i really want him out of here.

If he plans on giving me the silent treatment or some kind of shit cause he's mad at me, then i'm going to ask him to move out. I won't allow anyone who hates me, living in my house for free.

Latino and great shoulders. I love shoulders.