Monday, December 31, 2007


12.30.2007 Sunday

What does a gay horse eat? .... Haaayyyy!

Biceps at gym. trying to add more weight to my workouts.did the same boring routine i usually do for biceps.the only difference was adding more weights with will be a monthly thing for me.chest was sore from yesterdays workout and i didn't even do any bench pressing cause of the people using my benches.One handsome man at the gym, all salt and peppered hair and nice build, didn't lift much weight but he gave me a "what the fuck you looking at" look so i had to stop gazing at him.

wore the faded button old navy demim jeans and the black Hurley tshirt. it looked good but the shoes may have been wrong. The jeans are difficult to pee in since you have to unbotton the whole pants and then unbelt and it's too much to do so i'm going to refrain from wearing button pants when i go out.

testing new pills for better stomach management. peppermint and charcoal. will see how it works but over the weekend at t-dance, i was pleasantly surprised i didn't have any stomach episodes at all. Yeah.

had brunch with J. and his roomie (forgot her name) and O..

Why is O., all of a suddening starting to kiss me? it's a friendly kiss not on the lips but still. it's kind of unexpected.

Saw D., P., and M. at tdance
No one really stood out in my opinion but i did like the stocky brutish latino guy.
No one noticed me and i did my usual wallflower impression but wasn't all that bothered by it. just another sunday

tdance and went home, went to bed.
Tomorrow is a workday.

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