Sunday, May 4, 2008

05.04.2008 Nervous

and the count down continues.
two more days and it's off to Amsterdam.
i'm nervous as all hell.
i'm not much of a traveler.
I prefer to stay at home and veg out.
this whole travel to europe thing is kind of stressing me out.
i hope once i get there, i'll feel better but right now, i'm nervous as all hell.
I got my bags packed, i just have to put the snacks and the magazines and books to read and ipod in the backpack.
Neighbor is looking after the cat.
The lawn is moved and the water timers are actually working which is cool.
i'm going to start using the timers to water the lawn in the summer. cool.
The house is clean. cleaner than it's been even before i moved in.
the new rule of anything comes in, something of equal or greater value has to go out (I bought some shorts and a "polo" shirt so i pulled out an old pair of shorts and old small "polo".

I'm now sure how this is going to work out traveling and living with Oh 25/7?
that's one of my biggest fears.
Right now i can get away from him when he annoys me, but in europe, he'll be around all the damn time.
I have a feeling what's going to happen is he's going to want me to leave him alone and wander off in the city by my self and then if i get back, he'll be gone, visiting his friends.

I already told Oh, he has a habit of making plans and not letting anyone know until the very last minute so it's difficult to change plans and if they do change plans, they are the "bad guys" and he's the "good guy".

i'm all nervous as hell.
i'm not much of a traveler.

Sexy sexy cowboy. he looks very determined

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