Saturday, November 28, 2009

11.28.2009 ThanksGiving Day BlahBlahBlah BsBsBs

TGiving started out fine but ended with a bang.

Oh did two things that angered me.
1. going out, he ignored me an gave John all his attention. I'm standing there all alone while Oh engages John. He noticed that i had my back toward him since he was ignorning me so he gave the the regular bull shit that "you are not engaging me or john" of course, there is one flaw in that statement since he was engaging with john and ignoring me. John wasn't engaging with me but oh said "you are not engaging me or john blahblahblah BSBSBS" BS.

Then he meets a friend of his, the owner of SFBadlands and he says to the owner "Owner, this is my friend John. We spent tgiving together" and then they had a nice bonding session and the ownergave John a drink and i was ignored again. i'm standing RIGHT NEXT TO OH and he ignores me. so i took two steps over and turned my back to them. ONce i did that, he realized what he had done and says "Um, this is my friend also...blahblahblah bsbsbs"... So OH says "Um...I thought you had met the guy before and didn't like him and you turned your back and blahblahblah" of course there is a flaw in that statement so i said "BULLSHIT!!" kind of loud and he got mad and i knew i went over board and i had to explain and apologize and he said "YOu have to give me the benefit of the doubt... blahblahblah bsbsbs"

2. Next day, he's driving my car and he's driving overly agressive and he decided to do an illegal move infront of a big bus. so is says "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!!! stop driving like a shit!" well, it didn't go over very well OH was pissed off and that was the end of the weekend. i'm really tired of him. i want him out of here.

Please move out and leave me alone.

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