Friday, August 27, 2010

8.27.2010 Monday in the City

Nice saturday night in SF with Oh. John isn't around so for some reason Oh's been being nice to me and i know it's because John isn't around.

Well it didn't last long, Monday we had lunch. I bought Oh Lunch and we sat down to eat lunch and Oh turned his back on me and started ignorning me while he flirted with this guy from sweden/norway/?somewhere. Oh hardly touched his meal and i paid for that thing and he turns his back on me? that's not nice. that's mean.

It's been all down hill from that day.

Yesterday, i came home and he is in a foul mood and gives me a reprimand and orders me to "in the future, if there is chicken on the counter, you are supposed to bbq", well that didn't go over very well with me. He left so i could WO at home and says to call if i wanted to go for a bike ride. So i BBQed the meat and then called him and we went for a bike ride. it was nice, not hot weather.

We came home and then he decided to get some yogurt so in the car, he starts being mean again, he made fun of me. He made fun of the fact that his other friends wouldn't get mad if he ignored them and that upset me so i decided the night was over. He turned around and went back home when i said i didn't want any yogurt and he left me at home. I'm glad cause i'm sick of him being mean and angry at me.

Today, i didn't say morning to him. I basically ignored him and he left by saying "Im off"

Bye Bye OH. don't bother coming back. If you are going to be mean to me and take your frustrations out on me then bybye.

I think he's getting upset because his unemployment checks aren't as high as he wanted. he's low on cash. his friends are mad at him. and he takes it out on me.

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