Friday, December 26, 2008

12.26.2008 Xmas Hangover

That has got to be the worst xmas ever.
It was bad.
Oh pissed me off a lot.
His plan to spend xmas with his bipolar buddy ruined my xmas. He had a plan and he got his way and he didn't even care how i felt. I almost didn't go to the xmas dinner but decided to do my best to ruin Oh's day.
I didn't even speak to oh on the hour drive, it was all part of the plan.
I was going to give him the impression i was going to be really debbie downer at the dinner but i knew that the moment i walked in the door, i was going to flip the switch and become very socialable. I know the minute i got out of the car, Oh told Jon that if i ruined his day, he was going to let me get home on my own. Which would have been cool since i would have kicked him out of the house that night. I did get a few funny mean shots at bipolar man, i'm very proud of those becasue they were very mean and it made me feel good. i think bipolar knows how i feel now and maybe i'll be able to deal with him better.
My wheels are turning over this new development.

The dinner was nice. i was able to be super socialable because i got drunker and drunker. The hour long drive home was awful, the world was spinning, car lights were buzzing by and making things spin more, i was near puking the whole way back but i wasn't going to give Oh the satisfaction of pulling over. It might have been fun to puke in the car but i didn't think that was a good idea.

Got home and luckily i wasn't very hung over this morning. glad i took the day off today. i'm not sure i want to go to the gym today, maybe a day off would be good.
tomorrow is another day.

Very white skin and huge bicep, tricep, and forearm. i'm getting hot now.

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