Sunday, January 25, 2009

01.25.2009 The Neighborhood Party

I am so down.
I am so depressed right now.
I got that knot in my throat and i feel like i am going to cry.
I's so angry.
I want him out of here.

Here's a guy who know's i'm not happy with him being here but still he stays here.
Well, who wouldn't
No Rent
No Utilities
No one to bug you to clean your room/bathroom.
Life is good for him.

He has no job
He hasn't had a job since November.

I just weish he'd have moved in with J.
He needs to move out of here and move in with J.

The friendship has been destroyed.
There really is no friendship anymore.
So really no reason for him to live here anymore.

I need to have the talk with him and ask him to leave.

The One Year Anniversary is in a couple of weeks so i think if things go along this path, i'm going to have a reason to talk with him about moving out. It's also the same week that we get furloughed so i'm on pretty good grounds to ask him to move out or move in with j.

This isn't going to end pretty.
Most likely, he's going to hate me but guess what, i know he already does and he's just using me now.

I am such a sap.

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