Monday, March 17, 2008

03.17.2008 Spring Purging

It's sad or is it? that i found some joy in spring cleaning this weekend.
Ok probably sad but still, it's nice to purge some of the junk in the house.
I'll be on this weekly purge for a couple of weekends, then i'll have to start working on the outside yard.
it's a damn embarrassing mess.
Oh will be back on Monday Eve. I'll miss my alone time and my house and my regular lazy solitary routine.

I think a lot of my coworkers think i'm nutzo and they kind of stay away from me which is pretty cool. I think
i'm starting to over do it too, kind of like the attention sometimes when i crazy out so i have to start watching that. Be less psycho and more even tempered. I was supposed to be the neutral on at work but lately i've been slipping back into the crazy one.

Finished the funny and goood Middlesex. I thought it was going to be all serious and it ended up being a pretty funny book. I'm glad i read it but i don't think i'll be an Oprah book club member. I'd recommend Middlesex because it was pretty humorous. I'm now reading Lullabye by the guy who wrote Fight Club (Chuck something starts with a P) it seems to be more of a odd horror story and he gives a lot of detail to the oddness. it's a short book but so far it's keeping my attention.

I think he's latino, he's hot and those arms are amazing, he's hot, he must be latino.

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