Sunday, March 30, 2008

03.30.2008 Xavier's Choice

I have the choice.
Today is sunday and this weekend i spent it spring cleaning the garage and the two closets. it's been really messy and the dust in the garage made me think i had a cold but, i don't. This garage spring cleaning and the clostet cleaning started when Oh commented on cleaning up the garage. So that's what i did, he of course said he was going to help out but decided to be anyplace else but here helping me clean the garage. He left for SF to he can have sex with two of his fuckbuddies.

I have a choice.
The garage is looking nicer but i have to do something with the mountain of comic books. I have to weed out everything that is worthless and decide what i want with the other stuff, i should research EBay because i am thinking of getting rid of all the comic books. I have stuff i haven't even read.
The closets are looking better but still need work. It was probably good that Oh was gone so that i could get into the spare bedroom clean out that thing and throw away all those damn old magazines (why am i keeping them? and why am i such a pack rat?).

I have a choice.
Tomorrow i have to do some yard work (it's the ceasar chavez day off from work!) i love days off but it's another work day for me in the yard. not much of a holiday for me.

I have a choice.
Oh comes back tomorrow. this whole spring cleaning started because of him. He implied that the garage, the coffee table, the diner room table, the closets the backyard were messy and needed work. so i'm doing them one week at a time. He's was in Europe playing around for three weeks while i was spring cleaning the house and the garage. He comes back and promptly goes to SF and i'm still spring cleaning.

Do i say what's on my mind that i'm annoyed that he's out of a job and i'm here spring cleaning the things/rooms/areas he implied were dirty/messy? or do i just not say anything? I really don't want to hear his sexploitations of this weekend with the two guys. I was getting dirty while he was getting nasty. That's not any fun and it bugs me. Do i say this? I don't think so, he doesn't want to hear any of this and i really don't think he cares. it's best choice is to write this down and vent online and let it go.

that's my choice.

Sunday Cowboy hats. This guys looks cute in the cowboy hat and in his underoos

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