Sunday, March 9, 2008

03.09.2008 Spring Fever

I have spring fever.
it's so pretty outside.
a perfect sunday.
did my nice light sunday chest workout and shoulder.
No one really cute at the gym, no eye candy but that's ok, i go to workout so it's good.
did a a lot of laundry and then went shopping.
bought this cute green trucker hat (i know, those are out of style but it's still cute), tight green tshirt for St. Patrick's Days, and some levi's jeans.
Came home, cooked for the week and took a long nice nap wiht all the window's open.
the weather is perfectly perfect for spring.
I have spring fever.
I still have a load of spring cleaning to do but i have two more weeks before Oh gets back.
I'm loving this time without Oh in the house.
Oddly, with the weather So So nice, i wanted to go to the club for the Beer Bust and if Oh was here, i definitely would have gone. All rested up and spring fevered to see the cute guys in the daylight.

I'll just stay home and watch Gone Baby Gone, instead of going out.

Cute guy in a Cowboy Hat

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