Tuesday, July 29, 2008

07.29.2008 I wanna jog today

I wanted to go jogging.
I didn't go jogging.
I did a so so shoulder workout.
I think i'm now doing more of a workout on the shoulders at the gym now.
since Oh moved in, my tuesday shoulder workout is now extinct, well until he has dates like today.
he said he's going to move back to alabama in winter cause summer in alabama is atroctious.
I really want to jog today but now it's too late.
maybe tomorrow.

R-- keeps calling at my bedtime. I kind of know he's going to call but i turn off my ringer to the cell so i don't have to answer at my bedtime. i needs my sleep. I'm not really sure i'm all that interested in him. He isn't my type at all. he's very white looking. he's balding which is hot on some guys if they buzz it really close which from his profile, i think he does but i think he's on the short size. i'm not into short guys. i may like his personality but the republican thing kind of bothers me. he called me again last night and left a message to call him back. left his phone number too. i already have it on my cell phone. it's now 7.15pm so i would guess he's out of work so i should call him . Oh is out on a date so i would have my privacy. which is good.

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