Sunday, January 25, 2009

01.25.2009 Liar Liar

I've called him a liar to his face before and he really didn't get that mad at me.

He lies to me a lot
I asked him
"Are you and John going to the party"
He says "No, John's not going. Eric is kind of weird about it and only wants a few people"
So he goes to the party with John and he knows that i know he's lying.
So the next day, i ask him what he did yesterday and he says "well first, we drove i went to Eric's party"
It's actually kind of funny since i ALMOST catch him in a lie but he recovers really quickly.
If he wants nothing to do with me.....blah blah blah blah blah.
He's out tonight with John again dancing.
He seriously needs to move in with John.
I think it would be funny since i don't think John would allow him to sponge off him as easily as i have.
I have a feeling John would make him pull his own weight and that's not why he's lving with John.

If things get back to the way they were with Oh using the house as a pit stop, i'm not going to let that happen.
We are heading down a dark road and i don't think there is any way back.
As i've said, i believe this is going to end messy and the friendship will end if it hasn't already ended.

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