Monday, April 13, 2009

04.13.2009 Happy Easter Monday

Day off! YEAH.
Furlough Day. BOO.
Day off! YEAH!

Sunday Beerbust wasn't all that bad just wasn't all that great but a few amusing moments and i came away with a smile on my face.
Oh did pick me up which was unexpected.
I wore that red shirt that didn't make me look all fat but was nice and fit sized and short sleeved so my arms kind of bulged out of them which made me happy but i was iffy and unsure if my looked kind of tubby fat but i went with it anyway.
Cute twinkie boy commented that he liked my arms and he liked my arms definition. he was envious of my arms which put a nice smile on my face. Cute Twinkie boy has great traps and looks amazing in a black square-cut tank top.

this cute young asian girl desperately wanted me to dance with her, i was on the verge of being annoyed but she was funny and kind of drunk.

Oh goes to John "I want you to workout with me again. I need you" i'm the old friend who is no longer shiny. easily forgotten.

Oh and John have these secrets that they share with me. A short-hand way of saying things that they want to keep me out of the loop. I noticed it twice. Once when they talked about Monday doing something together on Monday and once when they talked about tuesday. This definitely does not make me happy at all. John is Oh's best friend and he wants little to do with me so i wonder why should i extend my friendship by letting him live in my house. Rent free. for over a year?

Monday Latinos

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