Saturday, April 4, 2009

04.04.2009 Don't Look Back

I have a pimple in the middle of my forehead.
I had a nice arm workout, i have to start writting down my routine so i know what i did and then top it.
Damn cute, italian stud at the gym today. handsome cute. damn.

Yard work complete.

last night, Oh, John and me walked around downtown. We used my car since Oh said his brake lights are broken. I'm not believing but i'm ok with using my car.
Last Night, Oh asked Alex if i wanted to go to SF tomorrow and spend the day with him and John. Unfortuately, my name is not Alex. I said no cause i was pissed off and because i had yard work. He can use his own damn car.

of course, the night hit the fan.

Oh is pissed off at me cause i brought up the fact that on january 27 2008, he said Joey was a barebacker and had aids. I said this in front of John and he was pissed off. I had to look back on the blog to remember when it happened but yep. Januray 27 2008.

I've known Oh for over 10 years and Oh still can't remember my name. He keeps calling me Alex. it is no longer funny infact it never was funny. it's not happening on purpose, he just keeps calling me Alex.

I did yard work, Oh spent all his time in "his" room and didn't come out once while i was doing yard work.
I cleaned the kitchen. spotless. Oh didn't come out once while i was cleaning the kitchen. spotless.

I'm kind of sure he went to SF with John when i went to costco.
I kind of figured that was going to happen. His car of course had no problems, he just said that cause he wanted to use my car to drive him and john to SF.
it's typical Oh behavior.

Why does he continue to live here when he knows he's not wanted here?
oh yeh.
Free room and board.

Hopefully, he'll move out this summer. move in with John.
i really want him out of here.

If he plans on giving me the silent treatment or some kind of shit cause he's mad at me, then i'm going to ask him to move out. I won't allow anyone who hates me, living in my house for free.

Latino and great shoulders. I love shoulders.

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