Sunday, April 12, 2009

04.12.2009 Happy Easter

Happy Easter
Woke up.
Went to the gym (bicep day) (the really hot looking latino guy who walks like a baseball player or a gorilla not sure which but very Full Shoulder Chesty walk and his leg kind of oddly whips around. Very hot looking, dark skinned, dark hair, ugly muscle tat that obsures his awesome arms but still he has awesome arms, shoulders and very sexy legs, i'm going to have to look at the butt since i'm not usually noticing the butt)
Nice bicep day, my arms are still sore.
went to brunch with Oh and John and felt really apart from them, kind of left out of the conversation and distanced and i noticed i let it be known and kind of did and kind of didn't want it known but it happened.
came home and jogged for the first time this year. It was a good start, my legs were kind of sore at the start but eventually i got used to it but it was mainly a long walk and some minor jogging in between. Hot looking shirtless hairy chested Super HOT HUNKY LEGS was jogging with his girlfriend and their adorable rats (chiuhichis (sic))
came home, showed, watched tv.
Now internet.
later i guess i'll have an awful time at beerbust at badlands.
Oh went to the gym so i'm going to guess, he's going to give John a ride and them with me, he will say, "You can drive yourself" which will piss me off since he will give john a ride and not me. asshole.
we will see how this goes tonight.

I need to get in this habit of jogging.
HOt Cowboys kissing and they are latino, perfect

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