Tuesday, August 5, 2008

08.05.2008 The Elephant

The Elephant

It's not discussed much in the house. Well, it's not discussed at all. Oh still doesn't have a car and now he's settled into staying at home, sitting on the couch and watching TV. This worries me a lot, he doesn't seem worried or down about it though he did say "i'm just keeping my head above water".
So now i'm kind of the chauffer and i drive him around. I"m not going to offer the car or the truck. That's a No NO.

It has become a little difficult lately and yet, i'm not in such a bad mood lately mainly because i don't want him to feel worse than i think he probably is feeling? but what if he's not?

And now to a more upbeat note...maybe?

is that going to be another one date date?
or is there going to be another one?
I"m not even sure he liked me at all.
I would like to call R__ this week and see if he wanted to hang out this weekend. I hate that he only has friday's and his Saturday is a like a Sunday so he has to go to bed early since he works on Sundays. So the only really time we have is on Friday or Saturday afternoon. I'm thinking about maybe either dinner on friday or brunch on saturday and something casual. He doesn't like downtown so it's going to have to be someplace other. I wish i could go to SF and spend the afternoon with him. that would be fun but this week jit's too late to plan and next weekend, i have to work overtime at work.

Ah well, R__ is really not my type at all.
He's on the short side.
He's a very white guy.
He's a republican.
He's kind of geeky in love with his guns.

The things i do like about him are he's pretty talkative.
He's a nice guy
He's intelligent.
He has a paying job that he likes and he's not poor.
He has a cute stocky body that's adorable.
He's actually an adorable man.
He's cute though i don't like cute but he's a cutie.

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