Sunday, August 3, 2008

08.03.2008 It's all part of the Plan...?

So is this the plan?

To drive Oh crazy mad at me so he moves out?
Is it really a plan or is it just happening?
Lately i can find just about anything to get mad at Oh.
Everything was going along pretty smoothly because i had R__ showing interest in me. So i think i was in a good mood. But now it's back that Oh is annoying me about anything and everything.
I got mad the other day because he is going to 2nd saturday with bipolar man and he invited me to go. The reason is odd but follow along. I've wanted to go to 2nd saturday for a long while, it sounds fun but i don't go because Oh has stated many times in the past that he hates it and thinks it stupid and maybe has said he wouldn't be caught dead at 2nd saturday.
I have this policy that i will never ask anyone to do anything they don't want to do. I don't want to drag someone to sometlhing and have to feel like they are not having fun and that would ruin any of my fun so it's a rule. Do not ask anyone to do something that they don't want to do. So i would never ask Oh to go to 2nd Saturday.
Bipolar asks him to go to 2nd satudary and he's all for it. ?
so i wasn't very happy about that. we dragged it out and fought about it and decided that we both have different ideas on things and nothing was settled but at least be both got it out in the air. I don't plan on changing for Oh and i know he's not going to change for me.
He's going to 2nd saturday with a load of friends including Bipolar man and i will not go because i don't like Bipolar man. I'd have a awful time and i'm not going. So Oh is not happy wiht me.

Oh gave me a speech about how he likes to do things with me and it's not the activity but it's the company but the reality is that Europe happened. He said he would do stuff i wanted to do but in Amsterdam, I got the speech after i asked him what he wanted to do in the afternnoon . He said " I want to go back to the hotel but i can't be Robert won't do anything by himself" That really hurt my feelings and after that comment, the trip was done and i was really upset after that.

He's now pissed off at me because i'm kind of cold toward him. and just about anything i say kind of pisses him off which i think is because he wants to get in his "diggs" before i get in mine.

Is that my plan?

Sunday's Men in Cowboy hats...He's furry and pretty and has nice nips/pierces

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