Sunday, August 3, 2008

8.03.2008 Knock! Knock!

Who's there?
Repo man...
Repo man Who?

Repo man took Oh's car today.
It's a Sunday and he got his car reposessed.
On one hand, i feel really bad, i almost wanted to cry, i felt so bad and confused and relieved it wasn't me and relieved because i thought they were cops and were going to arrest Oh.
On the other hand, i'm wondering how he's going to get around, I have two vehicles but i know for a fact, i'm not letting him use my car and maybe sometime, i'll be ok for him to use the truck but damnit, i'm doing a lot and more than is expected of me, I am letting him stay here for free so why should i dip in extra and have to help him out with his car problems/repossed.?

I'm not lending him money (or any more since he owes me the money for the amsterdam trip).
I'm not lending him the use of the truck or the car so he can go partying around town and out of town.

He knew about this.
He said he knew they were going to take it away on Monday but i guess they were early but he knew about this.

He's been going on trips to Amsterdam. To LA and he's a frequent traveler to the bay area. Those things cost money and he was going to Brazil and Houston too. He wanted to go to Palm Springs the next holiday. Those things cost money. Instead of diverting money to where he should, he was partying around here and there.

I'm not this way at all. If i have to pay for something, like rent or a car payment, i will do without other things. When i was in santa barbara, i ate stove top stuffing to pay for the rent. i was almost anorexic because i wasn't eating correctly and i was paying rent. This is the way i am. i do without to make sure my bills are paid. He doesn't do this. i'm amazed and really annoyed.

I'm going to have to hide the car keys now and also hid the petty cash because, in all honesty, i really don't trust him anymore.

This post is about a hour after my last post.
In that hour, things have really changed for the worse.
I feel bad that he's in the predicament he's in but he put himself in the position.
He had a very well paying job and because of mid life crisis, he decides to quit.
I can be sympathetic but my sympathy only goes so far and i'm getting to the end of that line.
that decision of his was his decision but without my vote, it's having an effect on me too which i'm not happy about.

man i feel like crying right now.

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