Saturday, August 23, 2008

08.23.2008 Reminders

I think i've become a little too intimate with Oh's failures.
He's been avoiding me a lot lately.
He hardly even lives here much which is actually kind of cool.
He does his laundry here
He watches the DVR here
He showers here
and onces he's all done doing the dirty work,
he's off with his new crew.

Is the new crew because i've become a little too intimate with his failures.
He can't bull shit with me around because i'm a reminder of his failures.

I've been there when he left the hubby and decided he had to move back to america to make his fortune.
I've been there when he said he was going to open a gay bar in Oakland
going to open a gay bar in SF
going to open a gay bar in Walnut Creek
going to open a bar in Atlanta
going to open a prep school
I've been there when he was fired from his job
no place to go and i let him stay at my house/rent free
Repo came knocking at MY door to repossess his car
No car and had to drive him around
I'd come home and he'd be there sitting watching Oprah
I've been there and that's a lot of failures

I've been pretty intimate with his failures and that's a tough thing to know.
He seems to want to stay away from me and avoid me as much as possible.
He has a history of doing this, he has a group of friends and they get to know him pretty well and realize he's a lot of talk and very little comes from it.
He dumps them because they get a little to close and he realizes that he can't continue the "Big Talk" with them around so he creates a new group of friends with little history of him.

And then, Oh says shit about them to his new crew.

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