Monday, August 11, 2008

08.11.2008 Another Monday.

Sad when you are having a better time at work than you are at home.
Sad when you dread going home and prefer staying at work.

Oh gives me a story about why his car was repoed. it sounds true. he asked me if we were best friends and i said yes. he said he thought of me like his brother, a brother tha he actually likes.
he asked if he could borrow the truck to go to Second Sat.
I said no.
i wasn't comfortable with that so he asks for a ride to second sat.
I said ok.
I was bummed a lot having to be the driver to his fun saturday night.
i was bummed that he had a fun sunday night.
I am bummed so i decided somethings.
i'm going to stop or try to stop trying to be so agreeable.
Saturday his was pissed off at me because i didn't invite him to go on my chores like go to Costco, he told me pissed off on the phone "I guess that means i'm not doing anything today. Thanks for not inviting me. I guess i'll just stay here and do nothing"
So, i cut my plans short just so he wouldn't be mad.
To please him, i took him to lunch and then we sat for hours at the coffee shop while he waited for his fun night to start.
I cut my day short and didn't do some things and he doesn't even acknowledge or even thank me.
so today, i just kind of gave him a cold shoulder treatment.
He wanted to go out for coffee and get out of the house becuse he's here all day watching tv and i said
No. i don't want to.
He was not happy so he said will you at least give me a ride to the bus stop. I said ok.
he called his bipolar bud and they made arrangements to hang out together.

Tomorrow i think will be the same thing, i used to do shoulders on tuesday so i think i should start that up again.
I don't care if he's starving or wants to get out of the house, damnit, it's my house, why can't i just come home and veg out? don't guilt me.

Things go from bad to worse.

The R__ thing is over.
I didn't call him back in a time he wanted so, he's not returning my phone call.
I guess i'm not that upset but kind of i am really upset.
He was a cute guy but i guess it wasn't meant to be.

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