Monday, February 11, 2008

02.11.2008 The Straw

I am so done with going out to the club. Last night was the last night (well until the next last night). Almost got in a fight (physical) fight with a dumb ass who was mad that i pushed his friend on purpose. Well, ok, maybe it was my fault but the pushy little bitch boy kept pushing me so i pushed him back hard and his drink went all over him the pushy little bitch boy cries to his mamma and mamma demands i buy pushy little bitch boy a new drink "You own my friend a new drink" Of course, he didn't get a new drink. I just calmly explained to pushy little bitch boy that he better keep his hands off me.

For christ sakes, i'm 45 yrs old and i have to deal with immature idiots. I have to deal with kids at a bar. there must be a better way.

of course, Oh was more interested in getting the bitch boys protector's phone number then to stand by his friend. that annoyed me a lot. I explained twice what happened to him. He was aware of who i was talking about and what had happened and still, he wanted to make friends/fuck buddies with the protector of pushy little bitch boy. I'm pissed and i'm not sure i'm happy about that at all.

There has to be a better way than going to clubs.

I love Latino Men, I love Brazilian Men

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