Tuesday, February 19, 2008

02.19.2008 I'm So Confused

The heats back on (literally and figurately).
Oh seems to have decided to be nice to me again.
Oh talking to me and trying to pal around with me again.
Oh invited me to lunch today but the last couple of lunches were not friendly so i'm wary and i declined.
Oh wanted me to meet up with a co worker of his for lunch and i declined. i'm still not sure how he's going to treat me so i'm going to be careful.
Oh called while waiting for his friend to arrive for lunch and again invited me cause he wanted me to meet her but i declined again. So we chatted about possibly cleaning the garage this weekend to make room for his stuff and integrate his food into my cupboards.
Am i being too sensitive or paranoid in thinking that he's just being nice to me cause he really doesn't have anyone else to trust with staying with and doing some of the favors he wants done?
I'm confused and i'm taking it easy

Buzzed. I like guys with a buzz

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