Friday, February 15, 2008

02.15.2008 Happy February 15th To Me

Yep. Just another day. woke up around 8am. took my supps. doing laundry. cleaned the fridge. i have to start on cleaning the house later. Should go to the gym but i think i'll do a chest workout at home. another year gone by and it's about the same as last year. yep. just another day.

Oh calls and says i can take the train and arrive any time i want. of couse, he says he needs to get here before 5 so that means i have to get on the train before 10am. sure sure. any time i want, so says Oh.

Oh is moving in on Saturday, Countdown to disaster. He says only two weeks and then says "but after two weeks you are going to want me to stay longer"...ok, Oh, No.


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