Monday, February 18, 2008

02.18.2008 Civil


Oh and I are doing the civil thing.
being civil with each other.
I'm trying friendly but he's not interested in my friendship.
Oh just wants to be civil.
I have all these things i want to say but i'm biting my tongue.
I know that if i say anything, he's going to take it the wrong way (On purpose) and it will make matters worse.
I was going to ask him straight out what this was about. are we no longer friends. but i decided against it.
i was going to ask him on a scale of Tom on one side and a buddy on the other, where i land. he hates Tom. But i didn't. i'm going to just sit back.
we go out to breakfast or lunch and he doesn't talk to me at all. mainly one word responses to my questions.
I make the effort to be nice but he's not taking it.
Then he disappears for the day.
He'll take on his cell phone and slyly talk "behind" my back.
So we are being civil.
cold and civil.

I may be contributing to the "cold" since, i've decided, that he doesn't want anything to do with me so i'm not going to make an effort to make his stay comfortable, I don't turn on the heat since i'm usually the only one home so guess what, i don't turn on the heat anymore. He made a comment today "Man, it's warmer outside than inside"
Cold yeh.

He's a hot latino

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