Tuesday, February 26, 2008

02.26.2008 Still Breathing

Oh is still here. I thought it was going to be two weeks but he's kind of stretching out to be longer. I am betting a lot longer. After the initial awful uncomfortable adjustment that both of us had to get through, we are now getting along a little better and everything is back to "normal".

I still don't like living with someone. I feel uncomfortable and i can't do the regular weird stuff i usually do when i'm living by myself. I almost feel like i'm a guest in my own house at times cause i can't do this or that. I don't like that feeling at all.

I asked him to leave from 5pm to 7pm so i could do my shoulder workout at home and he's still gone so that's good. Spring is almost here and my workouts are starting to suffer. now is the time to step it up and i'm having to tone it down cause Oh is here.

i'm not that happy with the arrangement but i'm adjusting.

Buzz. Can you get any prettier/handsomer/sexier than this?

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