Wednesday, January 2, 2008

01.02.2008 Shayne Ward

I have this thing for men with buzzed hair. I like it a lot. To me, it's sexy on men. I'm not a long hair fabio fan. It's just too odd for me.

I don't have the look to pull off buzzed hair.
I have this pale skull, black and grey buzz hair and odd bumps and divits and ridges in my skull.
It's not a nicely formed skull. I sort of look like i escaped from the mental institution after shock therapy.
I look pretty bad in a buzz but i buzz it anyway cause it's so much easier to work with and it kind of has a butch look about it which is cool. I like buzzed hair.
No fuss.
No muss.

Shayne Ward is one cute guy. He's a pretty guy. I like the way he looks in a buzz. he's a cute guy with a nice skull. the music isn't something i'd download but the video is nice to look at.
I guess he won a season of The X Factor (American Idol is the US version of this show but with celebrity coaches)

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