Friday, January 4, 2008

01.04.2008 Wind

I can take the rain. i don't like it but i can take it. I just don't like wind. then you add the rain and it's not my favorite thing. walking during lunch was a challenge to stay standing. it was that windy. the trains weren't working because of all the downed power lines and broken tree limbs so i had a hell of a time getting back home.

Once i got home, there's a note on the door, which i was sure was someone saying they were mad cause a limb fell down and decapitated their child. I was wrong, it just was the neighbor letting me know a limb was balancing between her house and mine. She doens't like trees so she has none, cut them all down and thinks i should do the same. I have some major storm cleaning around the house, break out the chainsaw and the rickety latter. i'll either break my neck, electrocude myself, or chainsaw my body in half.

I don't like the wind. it blows.

This is one white guy. He has cute pretty little nipples.

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