Monday, January 28, 2008

01.28.2008 Beer Bust Review

As i thought, beerbust was a bust. I don't think anyone noticed me and i wasn't really in the mood to be noticed. I just sort of took up space. Oh did his best to get me happy but i wasn't having it. He was his usual "i fucked him. and him. and him. yeh him. i fucked him. and him. yeh that guy too. and him." Every cute guy that walked in, he apparently fucked. I seriously rolled my eyes and knew if he said it one more time or if he started to count up the number of guys he fucked in the bar, i was going to call it a night. He seriously wanted to sing karaoki cause Rafael was going and he didn't want to hang out with me anymore so i did the gentlemanly thing and left. I could feel him almost race out the door to get to someplace other than with me.

I"m seriously going to have to re-think this homosexual deadstyle of mine. there's something wrong.

Handsome hunky muscled Latino in a too small red bikini

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