Tuesday, January 15, 2008

01.15.2008 Pay Attention

I'm reading the Kite Runner and it's getting good. It's been really good but now it's getting into the meat of the book. I had trouble reading the book on the train cause the father's illness and death made me tear up which isn't so good when you are on a packed train. i had to stop and start the book yesterday. I get so involved with my reading that i either forget my stop on the train or i get off at the wrong stop. Today, i got off at the wrong stop, fortunately, it's only a half mile walk to my correct stop so it wasn't that bad. the weather was nice and it was still day light so i was safe. After my little stroll, i didn't feel up to my regular should day (i like working shoulders) so i just had dinner and watched an odd youtube video of Tom Cruise accepting some award for scientology. That guy is on freakazoid.

The boss gave a parting "fuck you" to the unit. she's such a bitch and i'm glad i didn't congrats at her retirement. i wanted to give a halleluja! but i kept quiet while every padded her on the back. Today she left her mark and did something mean/evil but she doesn't care cause she's gone in a month.

I love guys with buzzed or shaved or shorty short hair. so nice.

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