Saturday, January 5, 2008

01.05.2008 Adam4

I get no responses at all from my adam4adam account.
i have a hidden picture so that maybe a reason.
guys like to see what they want and don't want and when they don't see anything, they usually go to the crotch shots. My picture isn't a crotch shot, it's a g rated full body shot, black and white, i look chunky in the picuture is a nice buzzed haircut. i think it looks good even though i'm chunky in the pix and i don't look good in a buzzed haircut but it's a recent pix but still, it's hidden.

The profile also has a disclaimer "Not into hookups". kind of stands out in the sea of NSA and Horny or Looking for Now.

I'll have to think about that profile, i already deleted the "Wallflower" comment cause it sounded kind of ... well you know, gay.

I love shoulders, Just love shoulders

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