Sunday, January 27, 2008

01.27.2008 Evil Things He Says

Oh really pisses me off a lot. nice brunch with his friend Scott D and had the very nice unexpected hello from joey. Of course Oh just couldn't keep his mouth shut and he had to say something mean spirited. Oh is a mean guy. Oh says "that guy gives me the creeps" i said i like Joey. he's a sweetie (cause he is a sweetheart), later on i said Joey was very popular on the trip we took and Oh says "well of course anyone who barebacks is going to be popular. the guy has aids" Oh is so so full of SHIT. that's so not joey but oh had to say something that mean just to say something mean. i didn't say anything cause i'm trying to not fight with the guy but i may have to later say don't ever say shit about joey anymore. end of story. no discussions. zip it.

Oh is really trying my patience. i have to go out tonight to that damn beer bust. He already said he told the two guy friends of his that i don't like them and i said "that figures you would". i may end up going for a few minutes then leave. i'm on edge with him and it doesn't look good. I think distance is really good for our friendship so him living here is not a good thing.

Today was chest day and it was kind of not a good workout. it was a light chest but i had this awful gurgly stomach that just wasn't helpful when pushing heavy weight. no fun at all. Totally HOT looking light skinned black guy today. Totally hunky muscle body. nice chest. nice shoulders . nice arms. nice mid section. sexy lips. He had a baseball had on but i am sure he had a nice buzzed head. so so hot.

What a hot looker in a Cowboy hat

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