Sunday, January 13, 2008

01.13.2008 Week End

Ok. That was a suckassed weekend. first i had to work, which was ok since i didn't blow anything up but of course i had to ask how to do this and how to do that a few times so that bothers me.

Dinner with Bsilly was nice. Met some nice guys. I put on my best face and still i felt uncomfortable. Not attached to the group which isn't so unusual cause i'm not part of this group. I did put on my flirt with oiram but he's definitely not my type. I think kcirtap was jealous with the flirting. I felt bad that i was about the only one who didn't give a gift. my bad social skills strike again.

I broke two of my rules of seduction, 'be generous', i was cheap. i'm pissed off at myself at that.

Sexy Guy in a Cowboy Hat

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