Thursday, January 10, 2008

01.10.2008 Weekends Almost Here

Tomorrow will be a breeze, i have a couple of projects i have to complete but they should be easy. A very easy day at work,i hope.

I have no plans this weekend, none at all. I have to work overtime on saturday but that's it. The highlight of the weekend will probably be a trip to costco. I live the vida loca. I should go out and do some face time at the localbars but i have Battlestar season II.5 and The L Word season 4. Since my cold is practically gone i'll look into changing my workout routine but on saturday i think i'll workout at the gaygym. I need a new hobby. I think next weeekend i'm going to have to go to San Jose but luckily that's a three day weekend.

Wifebeaters look sexy on some men.

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