Monday, January 7, 2008

01.07.2008 Kingdom

Kingdom was such a supergreat movie. started out like an intense episode of CSI: Saudi Arabia and then all hell breaks loose. Everyone in the movie was great. I loved the messy fight that Jennifer Garner has as her character literally is fighting for her life and doing what everyone should and hopefully would do, bite the guy in the head and stab him in the crotch. Jamie Foxx was good but kind of played the regular Jamie Foxx no nonsense character he plays a lot. Jason Bateman also kind of played his usual smartassed character. Still it was one great thrill ride and had a sad ending and an even sadder end. totally recommended.

I started to read Kite Runner. I'm on page 14, i have a feeling i know where it's going but i'm keeping an open mind. the language is very "florid".

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