Wednesday, January 16, 2008

01.15.2008 Ignore Me

It's such a difficult thing for me to be social. i feel so much more comfortable just sitting there in a crowd and not being noticed. For me, to make the effort to be part of the crowd, is difficult. I was somewhat successful today but i noticed i would drift off and then sometimes i'd hide in my own little world as everyone engaged with each other. Each comment from me was a chore. I do notice that i'm at ease if i'm mean and evil. If i say something mean, it comes very naturally to me and it gets a laugh. I'm comfortable with this role when i'm with a group and it's something i should develop more. Mean/Evil fits me.

I have my weekend guest this weekend. I thought i was going to have to train it out to San Jose so i'm in a way glad i just have to clean the house. I hate cleaning the house but it's better than the train and SJ isn't someplace i want to spend much time in. I'm sure its a very nice city but if i'm going to train it someplace, i'd rather be in SF.

Another cute guy in a RedHat. DJ AAron

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