Tuesday, January 8, 2008

01.08.2008 Gloom

Another gloomy rainy day. I was actually very busy at work, i like it busy, i had deadlines and i kept most of them. I think it's supposed to rain again tomorrow but be clear in the weekend which is good but i have to work this weekend overtime.

It was shoulder day today, which is a favorite workout day. I noticed i look kind of "slim" in my face which is odd since i don't think i'm losing weight but i have to be careful cause i'm in a gaining weight mode right now. Winter should be about lifting heavy and gaining weight.

Craig David is sure one handsome man. He looks sexy in just a plain white tshirt and jeans. that's a good sign when you don't need a lot to look sexy.
Craig David - Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)

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